Napoleon Hill Principles

I subscribe to SUCCESS magazine and their weekly e-zine. It’s my personal development refresher to help me keep success principles top of mind.

This week’s feature is on Napoleon Hill’s “17 Principles of Personal Achievement” (available at Upon reflecting on these success principles, it pretty much summarizes what I did to achieve my success and this means that these principles are universal. Anyone can apply them and achieve similar results.

Interestingly, upon re-reading this list, I remember when they were just words before. Words with no meaning. I had no relationship with those words. Napoleon was writing about something I had limited experience in. I had experienced some success but mostly spectacular failure.

Fortunately, a mentor and counselor helped me reframe my failures. If I spent just a fraction of the energy I used in sabotaging myself, just imagine what could happen if I supported myself.

When you apply these principles after the fact, only then does it become evident. The energy of action begets the energy of knowing. In the knowing of a thing, you finally come to the understanding of the thing.

I used to wait for these principles to become apparent before I would put them into practice. But it is taking action in the face of fear, doubt and inconvenience that builds the muscles for success.

Nike’s tagline says it all: Just Do It.

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